Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Eight - Time of the Red Knives

Act 8, Scene 1: Aftermath of a Sunken City

Cillian is surprised to discover that Namaar is no more. He furiously trumps Fenric, Liam and Alyssa and puts together as much of the story as he can for the Privy Council. Primus is nowhere to be found. Nobody can contact him via Trump. Cillian doesn’t believe that he’s dead because the block on the Trump contact is inconsistent with the block caused by death.

Act 8, Scene 2: Castle Amber

A week has passed in Amber since the sinking of Namaar. Alyssa, Cillian, Fenric, Liam and Slania are all summoned to Castle Amber.

Benedict has returned to Amber.

First, Benedict meets with Liam in private. He shows Liam a box containing a scalpel with a blade made of pure psyche. It was found, along with a dozen other implements in the lab where Liam was tortured. He has learned that Liam’s mind has been operated on, and they have evidence that Liam may have been manipulated into giving his blood curse and has done other things he can’t remember. They’ll have to investigate anybody Liam has been in psychic contact with, including a large number of the people of Steiner.

Benedict believes that walking the pattern would cure this affliction, but that the shadow personality may fight back if Liam tries and cause him to misstep and die. Liam has been kept out of the intelligence loop and will continue to be so because his shadow personality could pass information to Amber’s enemies.

Act 8, Scene 3: Lightning Strikes

Fiona arrives in the waiting room and snarks at Cillian and Fenric about the job they did in Namaar, asks Slania about Flynn and congratulates Alyssa about getting her murder charges dropped. An alarm sounds and Fiona excuses herself. The PCs decide to investigate. Cillian grabs a guard and find out that it’s the intrusion alarm. They make their way to the ramparts and see clouds gathering and with vague masses of tentacles barely visible inside. As the group begins to call the Pattern to mind, one of the clouds descends and lightning strikes the rampart nearby. Primus is left behind where the lightning struck and the clouds being to dissipate.

Act 8, Scene 4: A Disturbing Pattern

Another alarm sounds and there’s an intrusion in the caverns near the Pattern. Cillian has a trump to the Pattern room and is able to open a Trump Gate for the group. Alyssa and Cillian remain with the Pattern. The rest see Benedict and follow him toward the disturbance.

Act 8, Scene 5: The Final Battle of The Goddess of War

Fenric, Primus and Slania follow Benedict to a small locked room. Within is Kathyrn, dead. She is holding a trump of this very room and a red knife. It looks like she was killed by a strange mechanical dagger like device that looks like it’s designed to burrow into the body of its victim. Benedict takes the red knife, runs to the Pattern room and begins walking the Pattern. Cillian notices that the trump drawing of the room includes a flame on the candle. It is impossible to trump into a room that is in total darkness, so somebody would have to have lit the candle to make Kathryn’s appearance into this room possible. The Time of the Red Knives is upon them.



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