Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Eleven - Undershadow

Act 11, Scene 1: Reap the Whirlwind

Liam trumps Fenric, who fills him in on the Gladiator and the ensuing beatdown. Liam comes through and joins the caravan. A storm is brewing and they decide to walk and talk. As a sandstorm rises, a figure forms from the blowing dust. The figure points at Primus and asks “Where is it?” It coalesces into a solid figure wearing fuschia and pink, who says that Primus took his family’s ceremonial armor. Primus asks the figure to make a formal request with the embassy and the figure responds by tackling Primus and calling him a varlet. Alyssa tells the wagons to keep moving.

As Primus throws him off and the man turns to sand and begins chanting. Liam disrupts the spell and insists that they talk it out. The sandman accuses Primus of stealing his family’s ceremonial armor and thereby preventing him from inheriting his father’s kingdom. He identifies himself as Hrothgar.

Act 11, Scene 2: Into the Rift

The ground begins to shake and Primus feels a little giddy. Liam notices that the black stream of shadow disrupting energy approaching. Alyssa, Slania and Fenric experience reality accordioning around them and decide to work together to shift shadow as fast as they can. They cause tears in reality that begin pulling them through.

Fenric puts his harpoon into the ground to prevent being pulled through and prepares to trump away if the situation doesn’t improve. Slania jumps from her wagon and grabs onto his harpoon. Liam tries to stabilize the shadow. Alyssa sees one of the horses touch the rift and disappear in black smoke.

Alyssa contacts Cillian and asks to be pulled through. Instead, he is pulled through and they end up in the rift. Fenric tries to trump the Dutchman, but the connection fails. He next tries to trump Amber. They are hit by the Flying Dutchman and find themselves adrift in the void on the Dutchman. Slania and Fenric combine their efforts to try to trump Amber from the deck of the ship in the void.

Act 11, Scene 3: Bubbles of Reality

Liam has managed to generate a fifty foot bubble of reality containing himself and Primus. None of their trumps are working. Hrothgar the sandman panics and tries to push Primus off the edge of the shadow. Hrothgar slaps Primus across the face and challenges him to a duel.

Liam finds himself crucified while being roasted slowly, as on a spit and vomiting from something that he was force fed. A man wearing a metal mask with devil features carrying a scalpel of made of pure psyche approaches him and says that he will become a traitor to himself and all he holds dear. Liam makes eye contact with the masked man and tries to learn something about him, learning that he is Osric. The man says that he’ll send his son to keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile, Primus notices that there are suddenly trees all around them. The trees begin speaking, echoing the things that Liam is hearing in his vision. As Liam comes to his senses, they all start mumbling “traitor”, “He killed them all”, “Their blood is on his hands”, and faces resembling people from Namaar begin to form on the trees.

Act 11, Scene 5: Mirror Madness

Alyssa and Cillian are walking down a path in the void. Mist rolls in and the encounter a spooky mirror. Alyssa has a flashback to a time when she’s leaving to escort a caravan. She has a bad feeling, but her husband convinces her to go. She flashes forward to giving her testimony in court against her husband and seeing him executed.

Act 11, Scene 6: Childhood Memories

Fenric wakes up in a cot, and is seven years old. His mother is Slania. A rough man is pounding on the door and Fenric’s mother tells him to hide, which he does. The man enters the shack and threatens his mother with a knife, so Fenric tackles the man’s knees from behind, knocking him over. Slania grabs a kitchen knife and cuts the man just as he gains the upper hand on the seven year old Fenric, driving him off. The two return to the Dutchman in the present day and resolve to not try the trumps again.

Act 11, Scene 7: Sail Away

Fenric calls the pattern to mind. It’s very faint, but still present. He orders his men to set sail and begins to shift shadow, slowly encountering mist and then water and then wind. Things are looking up. As they sail on, they see a flash of light, and steer toward it. They see two silver clad figures wrestling in the darkness.

Act 11, Scene 8: Logrus Shock

Primus uses the Logrus to find anything outside of his island. Suddenly, he feels a shock and goes rigid. Liam cuts the Logrus using the Pattern just before Primus is drawn into the void. Hrothgar chooses that moment to attack.

Act 11, Scene 9: Mechalyssa

Cillian is reliving his past time in the void. Alyssa experiences this as a disembodied consciousness clinging to the outside of Cillian’s bubble. His greatest fear, that his time in Amber was a all a hallucination, is coming true. She tries to communicate with him, fighting his self loathing and telling him that he didn’t destroy his world. Brass parts appear in his hands, and he starts working as a workshop appears around him. He feels like he can fix the world.

Alyssa finds herself within a machine, as her thoughts take on a mechanical nature. He wants her to rebuild the world. Cillian describes his home, but the machine has insufficient memory. He starts building it bigger, but needs a power source. He lowers his trump barrier and creates a piece of solidified void as a power source, as a Logrus tendril grabs him. For a moment, he’s in contact with Primus’s mind. It only lasts a moment. As he installs the power source, there’s a massive flash of light and the Dutchman appears in the distance.

The ships hail each other heave to. Alyssa begins communicating through the machine, and Cillian starts trying to make a new body for her out of brass and cogs. Slania goes below deck, which reminds her of one of her submarines, but with parts made out of steampunk brass. She works the controls, telling it to surface. Alyssa, in her Amberite body is next to her in the cockpit. Cillian finds himself clinging to the top of the submarine as it surfaces near the Namaari shoals.

Act 11, Scene 10: Islands in the Stream

Cillian’s ship disappears from alongside the Dutchman. Fenric sees an island in the distance, and as he approaches sees Liam and Primus. They greet and come aboard the Dutchman. Liam is shortly contacted by Fiona, who tells him that they are in a nothing place beneath Shadow. She opens a path back and they find themselves back in Shadow and set sail for Amber.

Act 11, Scene 11: Back to Reality

Slania, Alyssa and Cillian find themselves near the remains of Namaar. While investigating some curious sea life, Slania is contacted by Fiona. Cillian is hailed by an airship and goes off with the occupants while the ladies go through back to Amber with Fiona.



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