Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Five - Namaar is a Harsh Mistress

Act 5, Scene 1: Namaar Bay

The Flying Dutchman arrives in Namaar and is met by Commodore Noringari and his men. Noringari explains a little bit about the commercial nature of Namaar. After they dock, Cillian takes Noringari’s offer to sleep in his mansion while Fenric and Primus opt to stay on the ship.

Act 5, Scene 2: Namaar City

Primus tests the security of bank where the Noringari family keeps its money as well as getting up to other logrus powered mischief. Fenric sails in shadow a while to find a hidden pirate treasure of Namaari currency.

Act 5, Scene 3: Mount Royal, Steiner

Alyssa and Esha are getting ready to ride down to Steiner City. Esha says that she’s sent over 20 requisitions for aide and received only denials from Amber. All of her communications go through Lord Raven, who she believes is incompetent. Alyssa informs Esha that the declaration of war wasn’t located in Amber until after the battle started. She blames Raven. When Alyssa shows her the Auditory Seal, she shares all of her information with Alyssa. Alyssa gets to work poring through the ambassador’s files. The first thing she notices is that somebody is stealing office supplies, and they’re ordering 3 times the supplies being used, and somebody may be either forging diplomatic documents or selling the supplies to do so.

Act 5, Scene 4: Ambassador’s Office, Steiner

Liam arrives at Ambassador Esha’s office and is greeted by the Ambassador herself. She informs him about the stolen letterhead, and that she’s tracked it back to a clerk named Dante, who has been out sick lately. She’s also suspicious of Esha’s large food bills, indicating that she’s probably meeting regularly with somebody in pricy restaurants.

They pull the files on Lord Baal, who becomes more suspicious. He appeared from nowhere and rose to prominence while his enemies met with suspicious accidents. Roughly seven months ago, the files cease to mention suspicion on Lord Baal, which is also around the time when Esha began having these lavish dinners.

Alyssa receives a trump call from an unfamiliar hooded figure who warns her that somebody is coming for her and will be there in minutes. As they lock up, Liam senses hostile presences approaching. They hear horses approach, riders dismount and knock on the door. They demand Alyssa comes out.

Liam investigates and sees men in business suits. The leader introduces himself as solicitor Donaldson. He has documents, including criminal and civil complaints against Alyssa. His credentials and subpoenas appear to be in order. Esha manages to chase them away, hoping to curry favor with Alyssa.

Act 5, Scene 5: Head Chapterhouse, Amber City

Liam heads to the Head Chapterhouse of the Diplomatic Corps of Amber to do find Ambassador Esha’s personnel file. Liam tussles with some guards and meets with Julian and Fiona before getting the file from Julian. He looks through the file and sees nothing that contradicts her story.

Act 5, Scene 6: Ambassador’s Office, Steiner

Esha and Alyssa discuss the legal complaints against Alyssa. Alyssa takes the opportunity to look through Esha’s memories, and confirms that she’s been having dinner with Lord Baal, a villainous looking fellow with a wicked facial scar and an all black wardrobe, but that her memories have been altered so that she doesn’t remember it, and preventing her from leaving Steiner. She receives a trump call. There’s a voice that sounds like Flynn who says “It’s the son”. The call then ends with a flash of pain.

She is trumped by Liam and pulls him through. They find out more about Lord Baal from Esha’s mind, bring her out of her trance and decide to head to dinner.

Act 5, Scene 7: Namaar City

Cillian is summoned by Commodore Noringari. As he travels to the late Doge’s palace, he trumps Fenric and brings him through. While they wait in the Doge’s foyer, Fenric is contacted by his first mate, who tells him that there is some kind of epidemic breaking out in the city. He has already ordered the men back from shore leave. Fenric orders the ship’s doctor to give help where he can, for diplomatic reasons.

They are eventually led to see Julietta, who is with Admiral Abreezi, General Lazaari, and Treasurer Tidian. Julietta greets them warmly. Cillian gets a status report from the advisors while discretely locking all of the doors. He then rebukes the advisors for testing their toxins on Steiners. Julietta turns on them. The advisors begin to fight while Cillian blocks the door with a boulder. Fenric restrains the Admiral and the General.

Julietta accuses the General of killing her father, draws a dagger and tries to stab him but Fenric pulls him out of the way. The treasurer wrestles the dagger away from Julietta and Cillian initiates psychic combat with the General to find out the whole story. He finds that he had nothing to do with the assassination. The guards force the door and make it past the boulder. As the General is being taken away, he is called by the general in the field, who informs them that the Steiner occupation force has begun to exterminate the ethnic Namaari in the city.

Cillian recommends that a temporary military commander is appointed to put an end to this bloodshed. They agree to bring the council together to discuss Fenric as a possible new military dictator.



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