Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Four - It's Hotter Under The Water

Act 4, Scene 1: The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is headed for the capital of Steiner to deliver Alyssa, Liam and Slania and will then proceed to Bridgehead with Cillian, Fenric and Primus.

Fenric is contacted by Florimel by Trump and asks permission to come aboard. She asks to take some hands to pursue an investigation of the diplomatic corps. She makes an offer to Flynn and Slania. Flynn happily takes up the offer and Slania decides to make up her mind later.

As Flora leaves with Flynn, Alyssa begins glowing with a rainbow light, and becomes intangible for a few seconds. Cillian recognizes the light as the light of a trump connection. When Liam contacts Alyssa via trump, she feels an attack coming. Liam’s subconscious attacks Alyssa through the trump connection and she ends the connection with a power word.

Act 4, Scene 2: Steiner Bay

As the Flying Dutchman approaches Steiner, Liam contacts the King of Steiner to announce his approach. The Dutchman is met by ships from Steiner and directed to the diplomatic docks.

Cillian creates a copy of the Steiner uniform and asks Primus to discretely drop him on the dock separately from the rest of the group. Alyssa winces as Liam and Fenric clasp hands and agree to be in frequent trump contact.

Act 4, Scene 3: Castle Steiner

Alyssa, Liam and Slania are met by Viscount Thane, a nobleman who is to escort them to the castle. Alyssa senses no cunning or guile from Thane.

Act 4, Scene 4: Steiner Docks

Cillian and Primus are unobtrusively overhearing information in the port. They hear whispered rumors of an epidemic of madness and “bad dust” being distributed. Fenric is using his naval training to assess the strength and disposition of the Steiner fleet. Roughly 2/3s of the Steiner ships in the war dock are outfitted for Chaos, with the remainder most likely bound for Bridgehead and Namaar.

Primus shapeshifts into a happy purple shark thingy and uses the Logrus to discretely sabotage the ships bound for Namaar.

Act 4, Scene 5: Castle Steiner

Thane approaches Slania in confidence, asking if she wants to “inspect the latest shipment.” She plays along and tells him that she wants to see how it’s coming along.

Act 4, Scene 6: Castle Steiner

Alyssa, Liam and Slania meet up with the Amber ambassador on their way into the throne room. She says that she’s been unable to communicate with Amber for weeks. They formally meet with King Daedo and his son, Prince Gilgamesh. Prince Gil is taken with Slania.

They’re taken to the privy chamber. The king claims that Namaar has being aggressive for some time. He claims that they have lodged a number of formal complaints to Amber, but none of them were answered. He claims that the Namaari have been conducting demonic experiments on the Steiner inhabitants of Bridgehead, leaving them mad and monstrously disfigured.

Act 4, Scene 7: Castle Steiner

Prince Gil chats up Slania and offers her a private tour of the castle. He tells her about the king’s incredibly suspicious advisor, Lord Baal.

Act 4, Scene 8: Steiner Bay

Cillian meets Fenric at the Flying Dutchman and they get underway immediately. Primus appears on board before they leave.

Primus trumps Liam and tells him everything he has learned and done. They hatch the idea to frame house Chernobyl or the Ebon Lash for the upcoming destruction of the fleet.

Act 4, Scene 9: Castle Steiner

When Slania retires to her room, she finds a note from Thane. He brings her to see what he’s been working on. They’ve secretly been working on submarines and torpedoes which operate in as many golden circle nations as possible. He indicates that Llewella began this project 20 years ago.

Act 4, Scene 10: Bridgehead

As the Flying Dutchman approaches Bridgehead, they witness a naval battle. Setting out through the chaos, Primus uses the Logrus to repel any cannonballs or mines which hazard them as they pull into port. They are met at the dock and brought to the third assistant to General Hemler, and eventually General Hemler himself. Cillian tells him to cease hostilities. Hemler shows them an example of the experiments of the Namaari on Steinerites, a man with moss growing on his exposed brain tissue and a tree growing from his midsection with human ears for leaves. He then orders the Amberites out of his city.

Cillian plans to remain in Bridgehead while Primus and Fenric head to Namaar city. He receives a trump call from Julian telling him that he’s making a bad decision. Cillian asks Primus to fetch him one of the experimental subjects. Cillian takes the subject back to his personal shadow, but the man’s sickness changes and worsens, so he brings him back to Bridgehead and decides to go to the capital of Namaar.



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