Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Nine - That Dream Where You See Yourself Standing in sort of Sun-God Robes on a Pyramid

Act 9, Scene 1: Liam’s personal shadow

Liam interrogates Baldur in his personal shadow. Whenever Liam touches Baldur’s shadow, he notices some oddities, such as the fact that Baldur’s psyche dims under psychic examination. After a time, his wounds begin to heal rapidly.
While Baldur is unconscious, Liam is able to enter his dream state. Baldur was motivated by his love for Julietta, presumed killed in the destruction of Namaar. He created the potion which enabled her to hide her psyche. Baldur is terrified of his mother, Flora.
Liam also learns about where Baldur learned his shapeshifting and who else he was conspiring with. Liam is unable to determine the identity of Baldur’s mentor, but does see the mentor getting Baldur in contact with Martin to create a distraction in order to steal Alyssa’s seal.

Act 9, Scene 2: A Locked Room Mystery

Alyssa, Cillian, Fenric, Primus and Slania are examining Kathryn’s body and the room where the body is. The device which killed her is roughly six feet long, and there is no evidence that it came from the room, so it’s likely that it hit her before she came through the trump. The lock on the door is very complicated. The candle has been burning for roughly 6 hours. The artifacts in the room suggest that this is Kathryn’s personal room, but the trump could’ve been made long before she moved in.

Act 9, Scene 3: O’er the Ramparts We Watched

Liam and Fiona are psychically battling the enemy attacking Amber from the psychic war room. The enemy is randomly rearranging parts of the city, like a living trump gone mad. They come up with a plan to grapple and then make direct contact with the enemy. As Liam makes direct contact, he learns that the enemy is filled by nostalgia and is female. As Liam shows her an image of Oberon, the enemy feels rage and Liam falls unconscious. By the time he wakes up, the siege is over, and he learns of Kathryn’s death.

Act 9, Scene 4: The moment has been prepared for

After the body has been removed, a note arrives for Benedict. Benedict has given orders to keep things running in his absence, and that nobody should worry. P.S., keep an eye on Primus.

Act 9, Scene 5: Martin’s Kingdom

Slania receives a trump call from her nephew, Martin. He asks her if she wants to come see what he’s about to set into motion. She decides to come through.
Martin is wearing sun god robes. He tells her that he is going to end the war and bring the privy council to its knees. The tower behind him begins to glow, eventually erupting into an expansive light, leaving a medieval fantasy village in its wake. He says that these people were destroyed in the Patternfall war, and he has just restored them. Slania realizes that she has no connection with the pattern. Martin informs her that there is no pattern and no logrus here, but refuses to elaborate, apart from telling Slania to thank Alyssa for him.

Act 9, Scene 6: Amber City

After Alyssa and Cillian trump through to see Fiona, Alyssa is suddenly and unexpectedly trumped away. Cillian feels an overwhelming amount of trump energy. As he looks around, Cillian sees trump radiation everywhere. Fiona remarks that it looks like some of the remains of Cillian’s lost home shadow.

Act 9, Scene 7: Amber City

Fenric decides to lend his help to whatever relief efforts are ongoing in the city. After he verifies that nothing is sinking or burning, Primus joins him. They make their way over to the remains of the Amber City mint, where Fiona, Cillian and Liam are already gathered. Fiona asks Primus to explain how he got there, but she is interrupted and trumps away during his explanation. As he regales the group with tales of hostile natives and cosmic intelligences from beyond time and space, Slania contacts Cillian, and he also trumps away. Primus says that the intelligence referred to itself as “Sand”, but he thinks it’s a metaphor.

Act 9, Scene 8: Martin’s Kingdom

Cillian feels at home in this new shadow. Everything is permeated with the same kind of trump energy he grew up surrounded by. Cillian loses his cool, grabs a servant and demands to be taken to Martin. Cillian confronts Martin about stealing his home shadow, but Martin denies this, saying that he simply restored something that was lost. Martin plans to create a demilitarized zone between Amber and Chaos, ending the war. Cillian is intrigued by the possibilities, and decides to stay.

Act 9, Scene 9: Audience with the King of All Cosmos

Liam audiences with Random. Random tells Liam to watch Primus closely. When he asks about Sand, Julian recalls an old play about twin children of Oberon named Sand and Delwin, which he always believed was a fictionalized version of a true story.

Act 9, Scene 10: Castle Amber

Fenric and Primus decide to check on Baldur. They carefully prod his comatose form before noticing that his breathing is slightly too regular, like a looped recording. They notice that the crown keeping him unconscious is part of his head, rather than adorning it. Fenric calls for a shang stick to force the bedridden figure to resume its true form. The true form is gallons of blood, but clearly not Baldur.

Act 9, Scene 11: Continuing Audience with the King of All Cosmos

Liam suggests that he be allowed to use the jewel of judgement to repair the damage done to his mind. Random is interrupted by a call from Primus informing him that Baldur has escaped.

Act 9, Scene 12: Martin’s Kingdom

While running a pool table, Cillian feels a trump connection to him fail. Where Cillian tries to establish another connection out, Martin blocks the connection. As he tries to push harder and harder, the men in the bar attack him, and Cillian escapes from the bar and then the city using parkour. An agent appears before Cillian, to discuss the situation. He explains that the problem is that Cillian is trying to contact Liam, which they don’t want to allow. Cillian agrees to accept their apology in exchange for ceasing hostilities.

Act 9, Scene 13: A Locked Room Mystery

As Fenric contacts Liam to tell him about the escape of Baldur, Primus discovers the route that Baldur took to escape the cell. Liam comes through the trump. Primus reaches the other side of the tunnel, and is within a storage room. He walks back to the cell to bring Liam and Fenric to him. They spot a rat escaping from the room and Liam makes psychic contact with it, learning that the rat is actually a conjured construct. He orders it to bring them to its master. They follow it back to a tunnel out of the castle which appears to have been last used more than a day previously. The tunnel ends right outside the castle’s anti-teleportation field and there is no energy signal to follow.
Baldur contacts Primus, asking for help. Primus swears on his family name to keep him safe from the Amberites and smuggle him out. They agree to meet up at a tavern in town, and Fenric and Primus head to the tavern.

Act 9, Scene 14: The King of Kong: A Fistful of Slania

Slania tries to hellride to a place where she can access the pattern, and after much effort, finds herself in a world full of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are soon attacked by a giant ape, who picks Slania up. She makes psychic contact with the ape and convinces it to help her to escape from the shadow.

Act 9, Scene 15: Carlsbad Tavern

Completely independently of Fenric and Primus, Liam has made his way to Carlsbad Tavern. Liam starts talking to the proprietor, when they are fired upon by men with crossbows from a nearby rooftop. Liam is hit in the chest while Fenric leaps to a nearby rooftop and harpoons one of the men, bringing him close.
The first round of bolts explodes, lighting Liam and the proprieter on fire. After they’re put out, Fenric brings back a harpooned man named Roderick. Roderick tells them that he was hired half an hour ago by a blond gentleman.
Primus receives a note telling him to come without Liam next time.



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