Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Ten - Gladiator

Act 10, Scene 1: Part of your World

Alyssa wakes to find herself within a crystalline dome filled with water. Outside, there are merfolk. While it has things in common with Rebma, it most definitely is not. She starts toward an air pocket at the top of the dome, an action that is noticed by the merfolk.
A magnificent underwater chariot enters the area, carrying Dara, looking slightly greener than usual. Dara begins casting a spell, moving the air pocket and shaping it into a tunnel linking Dara and Alyssa.
Dara and Alyssa begin exchanging pleasantries and Alyssa joins Dara on her chariot. They ride through a trump gate to an opulent undersea palace. Alyssa tries to trump Cillian, but can’t get through. Next on her list is Slania.

Act 10, Scene 2: Slania’s Kong Quest

Slania has ridden King Kong to his home, a skull-shaped island when she receives the call from Alyssa. Slania asks to come through. As she comes through, Slania loses her tenuous connection with the Pattern. There is a wave of shimmering around them and they can breathe the water. After being shown to a swanky waiting room, Alyssa unsuccessfully tries to contact Fenric and then Fiona.
Eventually, they are summoned to a “royal” audience. The throne room looks like a knock-off of the Amber throne room. Dara is announced as “Her Highness, Lady Dara of Hendrake”. After passive aggressive small talk, Dara begins to describe a survey she and Martin had done of the shadows between the Pattern and Chaos, and a device they found in a shadow equidistant from Amber’s Pattern, Chaos and Corwin’s Pattern.

Act 10, Scene 3: Amber City

Liam gets first aid for his exploding crossbow wounds and Fenric fills him in on the details he learned on the rooftops. Liam says that assassination, especially attempts on the life of royalty, cannot be tolerated in Amber city. He wants to punish the mercenary’s guild that sent the men.
Primus trumps Fiona. He is concerned that Baldur was able to perceive him surreptitiously, and Fiona removes all conjurations on Primus’s body. He tries to trump Random, but is unsuccessful.
Liam approaches the Lord Mayor of Amber City for an order of execution for the heads of the Mercanary’s Guild. Primus joins them. Liam is trumped by Liam to inform him that something he was searching for has been found.
Primus shapeshifts to look like somebody else and they travel to the Guild. Liam wants to make sure that there was no psychic manipulation before his execution order is carried out. Liam and his posse head to the Guild and speak with the head of the guild, a man called Andersynth. He is very helpful. The order was given by a man claiming to be a member of the Amber military, looking for a secret assassination of a Chaos ambassador. They believed him because he had an Auditory Seal and was a shapeshifter who didn’t set off their Chaosite detector.
They come to an understanding and Liam takes some of the men to prison to await execution.

Act 10, Scene 4: Martin’s Kingdom

Cillian is in a shadow where there is no Pattern. He trumps one of the robots from his personal shadow and is able to create an extension cord by trump to keep it going. Analysis is difficult. Cillian receives a trump call from Martin. He sends the robot home before answering. Martin gives him a trump sketch. Cillian goes through the trump into a trapped gazebo. Martin appears and beings asking questions about repairing trump machinery. He is shown a sketch of a complicated machine made of brass and gears. Elements of it remind him of his lost home, but it still looks far older and alien. Cillian tries to make a deal, but Martin is playing good cop to Dara’s theoretical bad cop. Cillian leaves with a box full of parts and instructions to wait for Martin to contact him. Cillian leaves him with a warning that his plan feels slapdash and may collapse if put under enough pressure. Cillian heads back to his home shadow.

Act 10, Scene 5: Audience with Dara

Dara explains that the devices are powered by negantium, which is a rare mineral which can be found in the auditory seals. Alyssa realizes that the her auditory seal is now missing its special qualities after having been in Dara’s possession.
They discourse on the rightness of Amber’s occupation of Chaos. Dara seeks to end the occupation entirely, but believes that Amber is unable to stop the war by itself and it’s only through their radical solution that peace can be maintained.
Alyssa and Slania leave to escort a caravan from Amber to Chaos that was trapped within Martin’s sphere of influence. They’re now back in contact with the Pattern.
As they make their way to Chaos, Slania gets a bad feeling, like they’re about to be ambushed. They circle the wagons while Slania goes ahead to investigate.
Alyssa and her caravan are suddenly surrounded by zerg, and an enormous, terribly scarred, humanoid figure comes to the front. He introduces himself as the gladiator. Alyssa receives a trump call from Cillian, says she’s under attack and leaves the connection open while Cillian trumps Fenric, who asks if he can bring Primus.
Alyssa begins trying to bargain, but things don’t go so well and she brings Cillian, Primus and Fenric through. The Gladiator charges Primus.

Act 10, Scene 6: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Fenric throws Cillian, fastball special style, at the Gladiator, who manages to grab Cillian out of the air and impales Cillian on Primus’s sword. The Gladiator calms down and apologizes. He grabs Primus, and tells him that he has a message for his father, who he calls Osric. As the Gladiator turns to leave, Primus tries to initiate psychic combat using the Logrus. This causes the Gladiator to take on his combat form and stomp on the ground hard enough to generate a shockwave. He creates two daggers and throws them through Primus’s wings and uses the neural disruption power word. Then he leaves.

Act 10, Scene 7: Liam’s Shadow

Liam is looking through shadow while recuperating from his wounds. He sees a great wall forming in shadow which is currently blocking off roughly 1/8 of the paths between Amber and Chaos. There are great cracks forming in some of the affected shadows, and the cracks are growing. When he tries to examine the cracks, he sees nothingness.



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