Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Thirteen - Rise of the Spider God

Act 13, Scene 1: When Liam met Primus

Primus is in shadow, high atop a cliff, on a comfortable chair and surrounded by freshly carved statues of himself. As soon as he summons a sword, Liam appears before him, acting manic and out of character. Liam demands the sword, and they scuffle. Finding themselves surprisingly evenly matched, Liam offers to pay Primus for the weapon. Primus finds himself with the Jewel of Judgement while Liam makes his escape by leaping down the cliff face.

Act 13, Scene 2: The Center of the Pattern

Liam calls to the guards surrounding the pattern, demanding their weapons. When Fenric reaches the center of the Pattern, Liam and Fenric Pattern teleport after the Jewel and other Liam.

Act 13, Scene 3: The Chase

Fenric appears underwater and within sight of the other Liam. Fenric transforms into his underwater form and gives chase. Other Liam leads them through shadow, eventually getting a Shark/Octopus hybrid to come after Fenric. As Fenric closes on Other Liam, Fenric manages to shoot him with a crossbow just as Other Liam uses the trumps he stole from Primus to escape.

Act 13, Scene 4: When Primus met Liam

Liam appears before Primus, and they exchange confused pleasantries. Primus decides that the best course of action would be to make his escape using the Logrus while he still has the Jewel.
Liam notices the trail and follows it with his pattern lens, but the trail ends where Fenric is. They agree to regroup where Liam is.

Act 13, Scene 5: Obsidian

Cillian is in his personal shadow when he brings Slania and Alyssa to his location. The ladies explain the business with Other Liam, the Jewel of Judgement and the accidental shooting of King Random.
They are interrupted one of Cillian’s robots informing them that there’s a visitor at one of the airlocks. Cillian goes to greet his visitor, who is a nondescript man wearing a spacesuit and bearing a letter with a complicated Pattern based seal.
It’s a letter from Benedict, giving them instructions to seek a Chalice that will help them locate the missing Jewel of Judgement. Cillian uses his machines to contact Queen Vialle and give her the note from Benedict to try to explain their absence. They decide that they should probably contact Fenric, although he probably won’t be friendly toward Alyssa and Slania after the assault on the Pattern.

Act 13, Scene 6: Regrouping

Liam brings Fenric through to where he is, and they discuss their options. They try to use Liam’s Trump to contact the Other Liam, but the Trump doesn’t connect. Liam suggests that Fenric try to contact Alyssa, but Fenric tries to contact Cillian instead, but the effort causes him to pass out.
Liam picks up Fenric and tries to follow Primus through shadow, eventually stopping to rest.

Act 13, Scene 7: Obsidian

Alyssa, Cillian and Slania are still in Cillian’s personal shadow. They decide to try to contact Fenric. They succeed in waking him up, but the call is refused. They decide not to press it. Cillian has Slania contact Cillian’s friend Captain Jack, and they go through to his Trump-powered ship, the Valiant. They set course for Ygg, the first stop on Benedict’s directions.

Act 13, Scene 8: Interlude

While Fenric sleeps, Liam investigates his mind and tries to perform mental first aid. He learns that Fenric was on the losing end of a recent psychic combat with Alyssa and Slania. Liam projects himself to the king’s bedside in Amber, and learns that the king is in rough shape. He and Fenric then teleport to Chaos.

Act 13, Scene 9: The Valiant

Alyssa decides to take a nap while Slania flies the ship to Ygg. When they arrive, they find the tree looking sickly. Cillian surmises that it’s being hurt by Martin and Dara’s shenanigans. They converse with the tree, and gather dirt from the roots, as per Benedict’s orders. They make psychic contact with the tree to gain its trust. They return to the Valiant and continue to follow Benedict’s instructions.

As Cillian tries to rouse Alyssa, he sees her as a rotting corpse, who grabs his arm. Meanwhile, Captain Jack draws his gun on Slania and appears like a demon. Cillian’s armor attacks him by opening a trump to a fire shadow within the armor. Alyssa quickly notices a psychic limpet attached to her psyche and dislodges it. She helps everyone else to remove and destroy theirs. They have overcome the guardians from Benedict’s notes.

Act 13, Scene 10: Amber’s Base in Chaos

Fenric and Primus get into Trump contact and Fenric grills him for information on the Other Liam. They agree to carry on parallel investigations.
Liam and Fenric meet with General Grievous and requisition a Trump artist to draw Other Liam.

Act 13, Scene 11: The Valiant

While Cillian tries to recover from his horrific burns, Slania receives a Trump call from Vialle. Slania tries to explain her story, but the Trump call dies suddenly. Alyssa and Slania have discovered a cave and continue to follow Benedict’s instructions. As they descend in the cave, they encounter a complicated machine and locked door. They inspect the machine and find the combination of steps required to open the door safely.
Slania solves another puzzle and claims the Chalice.

Act 13, Scene 12: Obsidian

Cillian is recovering in his personal shadow when he hears a perimeter alarm. Somebody is breaching his defenses. Liam makes contact through the breach and manages to find the crossbow that originally shot Random. He gives it to Fenric who Trumps back to Amber to give it to Fiona.

Act 13, Scene 13: The Logrus

In the Logrus Chamber, Primus prepares to traverse the Logrus. He has walked the Pattern, attuned to the Jewel of Judgement. As he traverses the Logrus, he becomes Arachnos the Spider, a power on the level of the Serpent and the Unicorn.



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