Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Twelve - Pattern of Doom

Act 12, Scene 1: Audience with Fiona

Alyssa, Liam, Primus and Slania are meeting with Fiona. She is looking like something the cat dragged in. She indicated that they have been gone for a week, and that in that time, the wall has grown and approximately 40% of the paths between Amber and Chaos are currently blocked. She wants to know why Cillian can’t be reached and learns that Martin and Dara are able to block Trump contact within their realm.

Primus informs Fiona that Finndo is still alive, and she asks that he tell Random personally. He leaves. Fiona informs Liam that they’re negotiating for the Baldur’s surrender.

Act 12, Scene 2: Amber Hallways

When Alyssa leaves the room, she notices that she’s being followed by a servant and decides to set an ambush. Slania notices the sneaky servant and decides to follow. They both lose sight of the servant and Slania falls into Alyssa’s trap, but they recognize each other before any damage is done, and are interrupted by the servant, who is secretly Caine. He gives some shapeshifting clothes to Slania and takes Alyssa aside.

Act 12, Scene 3: Audience with the king of all cosmos

Primus meets with Random to inform him that Finndo is alive and angry, having been imprisoned in the Abyss by Osric. Random informs Primus that demonic vandalism and unrest has dropped off all across shadow, and laments the absence of Benedict.

Random asks Primus about his future relationship with Amber, given the more common knowledge of his parentage. Primus asks that their relationship remain informal to allow him to act unofficially. Random asks him to spy on his cousins for the crown. As he leaves, Primus passes Liam.

Act 12, Scene 4: Audience with the king of all cosmos

Liam meets with Random to consult with him about Finndo and Osric. They discuss Benedict, the jewel of judgement and the possibility of having Liam walk the pattern to restore his sanity. They decide that Liam needs a trustworthy spotter in case Liam’s other self tries to destroy him on the pattern.

Act 12, Scene 5: Ship Shape

Slania contacts the head of her navy to learn about the changes to her navy. All of the ship’s engines have changed, and the ships seem to be communicating with each other with a strange braille-like code.

Act 12, Scene 6: Reality’s Wall

Fenric decides to take the Flying Dutchman to investigate the edge of the wall in reality. On the edge of the wall, there’s a visible divide where the water turns from blue to green and is 2 inches different in elevation. Fenric pushes through, and his connection with the pattern immediately fades. He decides to experiment and trumps Primus, whose connection with the Logrus is similarly distant.

As a storm begins to form, Fenric sets his course back to his reality, and uses all his might to manipulate probability and loses consciousness as they cross the wall.

Act 12, Scene 7: Castle Amber

Slania visits Vialle to have her translate the braille-like code, and it’s further encoded. Vialle suggests that Slania consult with Caine. As Slania leaves, she takes out Caine’s trump. She contacts Caine and joins him in his office, which is windowless and doorless. Alyssa exits via a secret door as Slania comes through.

Caine identifies the code as being a form of machine code, but isn’t able to tell more without context that Slania isn’t willing to provide. Caine asks her if she knows what Llewella is up to, and Slania denies knowing anything. Caine gives her a special trump which can reach him in times and places where he would not otherwise be available. As Slania takes the trump, she finds herself in front of Castle Amber.

Slania receives a trump call from Liam as a group of men approach her. The men are working for Duke Flores and are trying to contact Liam. She promises to pass along the message. They decide to meet in person.

Act 12, Scene 8: Obsidian

Cillian is doing experiments on the piece of crystallized undershadow. As he’s building a laser to cut the crystal for use in a device to locate other pieces of crystallized undershadow, he receives a trump call from Alyssa who tells him to come back to Amber to report to Fiona at his earliest convenience.

Act 12, Scene 9: At Sea

While Fenric is unconscious, Primus tells the crew of the Flying Dutchman to make for safe harbor. As they are underway, a group of four demons appear on the ship, claiming to be Primus’s fan club. They describe themselves as Legion and agree to be loyal to Primus.

As he wakes up, Fenric receives a call from Liam, who wants to meet with him. They meet and discuss Liam’s plan to walk the pattern.

Act 12, Scene 10: The Pattern Chamber

Liam has assembled Random, Fenric, Slania and Alyssa in the Pattern Chamber. Liam has prepared a special suit for Fenric and submits to a body search to ensure that his other self hasn’t hidden a weapon on his person. Liam starts walking the Pattern with Fenric behind him.

As he passes the first curve, Liam hears a voice in his head saying “Hello, brother. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to converse. I am Liam, Prince of Amber, the rightful master. You locked me away so many years ago. That bitch locked me away, but I did not die.” Liam sees a memory of Dierdre arguing with Fiona, saying that Liam’s temperament is unsuitable.

As he walks the pattern, Fenric suddenly transforms into a massive manticore, and struggles to remain within the lines of the pattern.

Liam continues to remember his early history, including psychic surgery being done on him by Fiona, unlocking his psychic potential at the cost of his physical vitality.

As he continues to walk, Fenric transforms into an enormous wolf.

As Liam continues to walk, he remembers his first pattern walk, as Fiona is watching him closely, and infusing his psychic bonds with the pattern itself.

Fenric turns into an aquatic creature from the black lagoon like creature.

Liam remembers his torture at the hands of Osric, being informed that there’s a pattern ward deep within the mind of Liam, beneath centuries of scar tissue. They decide to cut it. In the real world, Liam’s body is wracked with pain, and there are waves of psychic pain flowing from him which all of those present can feel.

Liam stops and begins to wobble. Fenric catches up with him and steadies Liam. Under psychic attack, Fenric lets go of Liam, who stumbles to his hands and knees. As Fenric helps him up, Liam takes a swing at Fenric, who restrains his arms and helps him to continue. After a struggle inside Liam’s head, Alyssa throws a power word at Liam and Random appears on the Pattern in front of Liam, grabs him by the throat and starts walking the Pattern backwards while pulling Liam.

Alyssa and Slania make contact with Liam and encounter Liams within Liam’s head. They make a decision about which one to destroy. As they kill it, Slania picks up a crossbow, and the shot goes wild, hitting Random. Guards descend upon Slania who doesn’t resist, but Alyssa escapes with Slania using Cillian’s trump.

As Liam reaches the center of the Pattern, he sees another version of himself grab the jewel of judgement from Random and teleport away. Random teleports to the infirmary as Liam tries to follow his double.



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