Charismatic, swashbuckling younger brother itching to prove himself, always looking for excitement and adventure


Psyche: Low Ranked

Strength: Mid Ranked

Endurance: Mid Ranked

Warfare: High Ranked


“Flynn, are you in?”

Flynn is one of the younger Amberites of his generation, perpetually trying to prove himself. Impulsive and over-eager, he always wants to be where the excitement is. He is always willing to join up and lend a hand to any of his many brothers, sisters, or cousins, and loves being a part of their plans. With him being almost unmatched in warfare, an expert in swordplay, and his ready charm, so far he has been able to overcome getting too in over-his-head. He prides himself that he is a man who always can be counted on to help out.

His impulsiveness and his directness makes him a poor ally when it comes to situations of court intrigue, preferring to play most situations with all his cards on the table.

Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: 165

Eyes: Blue

Build: Medium

Clothing Colors: Blue

Main Weapon: Flynn has crafted a rapier which as of yet is still unnamed. It is rumored to be a vorpal blade.


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