The Outcast Son


Psyche: Rank 7
Strength: Rank 3

Endurance: Rank 1
Warfare: Rank 6


Viscount Primus of House Durendal is the son of Count Oser, head of House Durendal, and Countess Ophidia of House Dhavol. At a recent formal banquet in The Courts of Chaos, he was publicly disgraced and cast out of his house for dissent and insubordination. In rejecting his father’s antimonarchical views and embracing the reforms of Swayville IV, he earned a place as one of the top students at the new The Imperial Academy, where he instructs students in the use of the Logrus in combat.

His dogged determination and ability to persevere through even the most trying of circumstances are legendary, as his is extreme strength.

An extremely large man, he stands 6’8" and weighs 300 pounds. Since his estrangement, he has abandoned the colours of his house in favour of his personal colours, Prussian blue and gold. His personal symbol is that of a horned serpent.

He’s been known to shift into a happy purple shark thingy from time to time.

He broke Caine’s nose and spit on his face.

The Spider God


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