Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Five - Namaar is a Harsh Mistress

Act 5, Scene 1: Namaar Bay

The Flying Dutchman arrives in Namaar and is met by Commodore Noringari and his men. Noringari explains a little bit about the commercial nature of Namaar. After they dock, Cillian takes Noringari’s offer to sleep in his mansion while Fenric and Primus opt to stay on the ship.

Act 5, Scene 2: Namaar City

Primus tests the security of bank where the Noringari family keeps its money as well as getting up to other logrus powered mischief. Fenric sails in shadow a while to find a hidden pirate treasure of Namaari currency.

Act 5, Scene 3: Mount Royal, Steiner

Alyssa and Esha are getting ready to ride down to Steiner City. Esha says that she’s sent over 20 requisitions for aide and received only denials from Amber. All of her communications go through Lord Raven, who she believes is incompetent. Alyssa informs Esha that the declaration of war wasn’t located in Amber until after the battle started. She blames Raven. When Alyssa shows her the Auditory Seal, she shares all of her information with Alyssa. Alyssa gets to work poring through the ambassador’s files. The first thing she notices is that somebody is stealing office supplies, and they’re ordering 3 times the supplies being used, and somebody may be either forging diplomatic documents or selling the supplies to do so.

Act 5, Scene 4: Ambassador’s Office, Steiner

Liam arrives at Ambassador Esha’s office and is greeted by the Ambassador herself. She informs him about the stolen letterhead, and that she’s tracked it back to a clerk named Dante, who has been out sick lately. She’s also suspicious of Esha’s large food bills, indicating that she’s probably meeting regularly with somebody in pricy restaurants.

They pull the files on Lord Baal, who becomes more suspicious. He appeared from nowhere and rose to prominence while his enemies met with suspicious accidents. Roughly seven months ago, the files cease to mention suspicion on Lord Baal, which is also around the time when Esha began having these lavish dinners.

Alyssa receives a trump call from an unfamiliar hooded figure who warns her that somebody is coming for her and will be there in minutes. As they lock up, Liam senses hostile presences approaching. They hear horses approach, riders dismount and knock on the door. They demand Alyssa comes out.

Liam investigates and sees men in business suits. The leader introduces himself as solicitor Donaldson. He has documents, including criminal and civil complaints against Alyssa. His credentials and subpoenas appear to be in order. Esha manages to chase them away, hoping to curry favor with Alyssa.

Act 5, Scene 5: Head Chapterhouse, Amber City

Liam heads to the Head Chapterhouse of the Diplomatic Corps of Amber to do find Ambassador Esha’s personnel file. Liam tussles with some guards and meets with Julian and Fiona before getting the file from Julian. He looks through the file and sees nothing that contradicts her story.

Act 5, Scene 6: Ambassador’s Office, Steiner

Esha and Alyssa discuss the legal complaints against Alyssa. Alyssa takes the opportunity to look through Esha’s memories, and confirms that she’s been having dinner with Lord Baal, a villainous looking fellow with a wicked facial scar and an all black wardrobe, but that her memories have been altered so that she doesn’t remember it, and preventing her from leaving Steiner. She receives a trump call. There’s a voice that sounds like Flynn who says “It’s the son”. The call then ends with a flash of pain.

She is trumped by Liam and pulls him through. They find out more about Lord Baal from Esha’s mind, bring her out of her trance and decide to head to dinner.

Act 5, Scene 7: Namaar City

Cillian is summoned by Commodore Noringari. As he travels to the late Doge’s palace, he trumps Fenric and brings him through. While they wait in the Doge’s foyer, Fenric is contacted by his first mate, who tells him that there is some kind of epidemic breaking out in the city. He has already ordered the men back from shore leave. Fenric orders the ship’s doctor to give help where he can, for diplomatic reasons.

They are eventually led to see Julietta, who is with Admiral Abreezi, General Lazaari, and Treasurer Tidian. Julietta greets them warmly. Cillian gets a status report from the advisors while discretely locking all of the doors. He then rebukes the advisors for testing their toxins on Steiners. Julietta turns on them. The advisors begin to fight while Cillian blocks the door with a boulder. Fenric restrains the Admiral and the General.

Julietta accuses the General of killing her father, draws a dagger and tries to stab him but Fenric pulls him out of the way. The treasurer wrestles the dagger away from Julietta and Cillian initiates psychic combat with the General to find out the whole story. He finds that he had nothing to do with the assassination. The guards force the door and make it past the boulder. As the General is being taken away, he is called by the general in the field, who informs them that the Steiner occupation force has begun to exterminate the ethnic Namaari in the city.

Cillian recommends that a temporary military commander is appointed to put an end to this bloodshed. They agree to bring the council together to discuss Fenric as a possible new military dictator.

Act Four - It's Hotter Under The Water

Act 4, Scene 1: The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is headed for the capital of Steiner to deliver Alyssa, Liam and Slania and will then proceed to Bridgehead with Cillian, Fenric and Primus.

Fenric is contacted by Florimel by Trump and asks permission to come aboard. She asks to take some hands to pursue an investigation of the diplomatic corps. She makes an offer to Flynn and Slania. Flynn happily takes up the offer and Slania decides to make up her mind later.

As Flora leaves with Flynn, Alyssa begins glowing with a rainbow light, and becomes intangible for a few seconds. Cillian recognizes the light as the light of a trump connection. When Liam contacts Alyssa via trump, she feels an attack coming. Liam’s subconscious attacks Alyssa through the trump connection and she ends the connection with a power word.

Act 4, Scene 2: Steiner Bay

As the Flying Dutchman approaches Steiner, Liam contacts the King of Steiner to announce his approach. The Dutchman is met by ships from Steiner and directed to the diplomatic docks.

Cillian creates a copy of the Steiner uniform and asks Primus to discretely drop him on the dock separately from the rest of the group. Alyssa winces as Liam and Fenric clasp hands and agree to be in frequent trump contact.

Act 4, Scene 3: Castle Steiner

Alyssa, Liam and Slania are met by Viscount Thane, a nobleman who is to escort them to the castle. Alyssa senses no cunning or guile from Thane.

Act 4, Scene 4: Steiner Docks

Cillian and Primus are unobtrusively overhearing information in the port. They hear whispered rumors of an epidemic of madness and “bad dust” being distributed. Fenric is using his naval training to assess the strength and disposition of the Steiner fleet. Roughly 2/3s of the Steiner ships in the war dock are outfitted for Chaos, with the remainder most likely bound for Bridgehead and Namaar.

Primus shapeshifts into a happy purple shark thingy and uses the Logrus to discretely sabotage the ships bound for Namaar.

Act 4, Scene 5: Castle Steiner

Thane approaches Slania in confidence, asking if she wants to “inspect the latest shipment.” She plays along and tells him that she wants to see how it’s coming along.

Act 4, Scene 6: Castle Steiner

Alyssa, Liam and Slania meet up with the Amber ambassador on their way into the throne room. She says that she’s been unable to communicate with Amber for weeks. They formally meet with King Daedo and his son, Prince Gilgamesh. Prince Gil is taken with Slania.

They’re taken to the privy chamber. The king claims that Namaar has being aggressive for some time. He claims that they have lodged a number of formal complaints to Amber, but none of them were answered. He claims that the Namaari have been conducting demonic experiments on the Steiner inhabitants of Bridgehead, leaving them mad and monstrously disfigured.

Act 4, Scene 7: Castle Steiner

Prince Gil chats up Slania and offers her a private tour of the castle. He tells her about the king’s incredibly suspicious advisor, Lord Baal.

Act 4, Scene 8: Steiner Bay

Cillian meets Fenric at the Flying Dutchman and they get underway immediately. Primus appears on board before they leave.

Primus trumps Liam and tells him everything he has learned and done. They hatch the idea to frame house Chernobyl or the Ebon Lash for the upcoming destruction of the fleet.

Act 4, Scene 9: Castle Steiner

When Slania retires to her room, she finds a note from Thane. He brings her to see what he’s been working on. They’ve secretly been working on submarines and torpedoes which operate in as many golden circle nations as possible. He indicates that Llewella began this project 20 years ago.

Act 4, Scene 10: Bridgehead

As the Flying Dutchman approaches Bridgehead, they witness a naval battle. Setting out through the chaos, Primus uses the Logrus to repel any cannonballs or mines which hazard them as they pull into port. They are met at the dock and brought to the third assistant to General Hemler, and eventually General Hemler himself. Cillian tells him to cease hostilities. Hemler shows them an example of the experiments of the Namaari on Steinerites, a man with moss growing on his exposed brain tissue and a tree growing from his midsection with human ears for leaves. He then orders the Amberites out of his city.

Cillian plans to remain in Bridgehead while Primus and Fenric head to Namaar city. He receives a trump call from Julian telling him that he’s making a bad decision. Cillian asks Primus to fetch him one of the experimental subjects. Cillian takes the subject back to his personal shadow, but the man’s sickness changes and worsens, so he brings him back to Bridgehead and decides to go to the capital of Namaar.

Act Three - The Gang's All Here

Act 3, Scene 1: Castle Amber

Slania and Cillian go to see Julietta. Slania senses wariness. While discussing Julietta’s plans to return to her homeland, Slania senses Julietta’s psyche diminish from Amber level to human like levels. Julietta begins to look pale and the audience ends.

Act 3, Scene 2: Amber City

Flynn and Liam bring Silas to a pub and have a nice dinner. Liam takes the unconscious Ebon Lash demon into custody. They decide to drum up an armed escort and book passage on the Flying Dutchman. They also talk to Cillian about making a trump sketch for them of Silas.

Act 3, Scene 3: Amber Docks

Cillian and Slania tours the Namaari ship Pegasus. He sees one of Julietta’s handmaidens and asks directions to Julietta’s room. Cillian makes a psychic impression of the boat and the quarters in particular. Slania notices that the handmaiden’s psyche is nonexistent.

Act 3, Scene 4: Castle Amber

Cillian and Slania visit Fiona. Slania tells Fiona about the strange psychic readings from Julietta and her handmaidens. She finds it notable.

Act 3, Scene 5: Castle Amber

Liam consults with Fiona He tells him to use a light touch in dealing with the Steiners and to treat them with deep respect and disappointment to avoid a public relations disaster. She also asks him to find out if Florimel is involved. Liam then asks Fiona about psychic shielding because he detected a shield from Julian. She suspects that he may have gotten involved with the Namaari delegation, and may be the source of the psychic anomalies Slania detected.

Act 3, Scene 6: Shadow Trap

Primus and Alyssa head back to Chaos, but decide to take a vacation in a fast time shadow along the way to rest up. Primus receives a trump call from Lord Oser. When they try to leave, Primus and Alyssa find that they can’t Logrus, Shadow walk or trump out. Finally, Alyssa manages to make contact with the people preventing them from leaving, who tell them “The eye of the Black Whip is upon you”. They are then instantly and involuntarily transported to the waters near Chaos.

Act 3, Scene 7: The Courts of Chaos

Primus and Alyssa go to see Benedict. Alyssa is made Auditor Pro Tempore and makes Primus her official advisor. Benedict tells them that they may be needed in Amber and that Cillian can get some trumps for Primus. They trump Cillian and travel to Amber.

Act 3, Scene 8: Castle Amber

Primus and Alyssa arrive at Castle Amber very early in the morning. Primus wanders the castle alone and exchanges some quick greetings with Fenric before meeting back up with Alyssa. Eventually, they visit Florimel and are filled in with the story of the recent goings on in Amber.

Act 3: Scene 9: Castle Amber

Alyssa and Primus next visit Random to return his trumps. Random suggests that they go with the rest of the cousins to Namaar and Steiner. They are interrupted by Florimel who tells Random that a formal declaration of war by Steiner on Namaar, dated one week previous was found, mislabeled, in the mail room. Random tells Alyssa to get a pack of trumps from the library. He gives permission for Primus to borrow a pack of trumps. They head to the Flying Dutchman.

Act 3, Scene 10: The Flying Dutchman

Alyssa, Cillian, Fenric, Flynn, Liam, Slania, Primus and Silas set sail on the Dutchman. Primus and Cillian swap trumps. Primus asks for some privacy and retires to his quarters. A few hours into the voyage, Flynn and Primus’s danger sense starts tingling. Flynn raises the alarm as a set of tentacles grab the ship and begin to squeeze. Liam senses a trace of Logrus energy in his quarters and an even bigger trace in Primus’s quarters. Fenric gives orders to his men who grab axes and start hacking at tentacles. Alyssa tries to make contact with the monster by touch and an acid burns her skin.

Liam bursts into Primus’s room and confronts him. Flynn uses a power word to return the tentacle monster to its true form, which is a cloud of black oily smoke. Alyssa makes contact and finds that it’s after Silas. Liam finds that Silas has managed to be pulled underneath the ship, and is presumably drowning. Flynn and Slania dive into the water. Cillian, Liam, Alyssa and Fenric are hit by spikes and Fenric grapples with his attacker, crushing it to goo.

Flynn rescues Silas and forces him to resume his true form, causing him to die from his wounds. Liam takes control of the smoke monster and makes what’s left of it into a raft and rides away on it. Cillian transports the monster and Liam to a cargo bay on a spaceship in shadow, planning to flush it out an airlock. Liam argues that they need to follow it home. They try to do that but the monster dies before it makes it far.

Act Two - Poor, Unfortunate Souls

Act 2, Scene 1: Shadow Garrison

Alyssa has been counseling Kestler. Primus took part in the autopsy of Schulman. Random took Kestler with him, left Private Hayseed in charge of the garrison and left his trump deck with Alyssa. Primus still has the general’s double damage sword.

General Hayseed calls them into his office. Primus wants to know how many conspirators are still in camp. Hayseed tells him that it’s not so black and white. Primus wants to know if any of the remaining officers know where demons can be found. Hayseed doesn’t know. Alyssa wants to know if Hayseed can keep the order if he’s left alone, because they need to find the remaining seal. Primus wants to know how many troops he can spare. Hayseed says he can give them 6 men. They agree to leave in the morning.

Act 2, Scene 2: Castle Amber Morgue

Back in Amber, Fiona is examining the Doge’s body. Cillian, Fenric and Liam are there. Fiona wants to cut the body open, but is informed that the Namari have strong feelings about the desecration of corpses. Fiona creates a duplicate of the body and sends the duplicate home to Namar. Fiona autopsies the Doge and determines that he was killed by a heart attack, induced by a synthetic poison that killed by inducing localized shapeshifting. The dart came from several inches from the ground, likely from the direction of the gap in the bar. She suspects a shapeshifter, alchemist or smurf.

Cillian and Fenric exit. Liam stays for the autopsy of the grey cloaks. They were killed by a deadly dose of caffeine inside their bodies which was contained from a ruptured container. There is no sign of a surgical scar or entry wound.

Act 2, Scene 3: Cillian’s Quarters

Cillian and Fenric retire to Cillian’s room. They find Queen Vialle, drinking tea with the ladies. Julietta has already been informed about her father’s death. Cillian retrieves a saber. There is also an atmospheric diving suit equipped with a large drill in his closet.

Act 2, Scene 3: Castle Amber Library

They head to the library. Cillian wants to find books on shapeshifting and magical triggers. There aren’t many books on shapeshifting and most of those are history books. The level of shapeshifting expertise demonstrated in this assassination is far beyond Rebman levels; however, it is easy to set up a delayed effect with complicated triggers.

Act 2, Scene 5: Castle Amber Morgue

Meanwhile, back at the autopsy, Liam finds that the lower ranked grey cloaks do have surgical scars. Their physiology is consistent with the men from the shadow Steiner. Their fingernails have a greenish dust underneath them which Fiona identifies as being from a shadow near the golden circle that supplies mercenaries. Steiners normally have an iron excess in their blood, but these men do not, so they either are not from Steiner or didn’t grow up there. Fiona thinks that this is meant to be a frame job, but doesn’t know if it was meant to frame Steiner or look like it was meant to frame Steiner.

Act 2, Scene 6: Castle Amber

Liam is on his way to the library when he is contacted by Julian to report on the autopsy. Julian reminds him that he detected conjuration from the bodies. Cillian tries to contact Liam, who ignores the call because he’s already talking to Julian. Julian is more interested in Fiona and questions her conclusions.

Act 2, Scene 7: Castle Amber

Liam joins up with Cillian and Fenric in the library. Cillian is contacted by Florimel. She wants him to find Random. Contacts the queen but she doesn’t know where Random is. He left suddenly without his pants. Liam contacts Flora to find out what she wants Random for. He brings Flora through to the library and asks that the cousins to gather Gerard, Fiona and Julian.

Act 2, Scene 8: An Idyllic Shadow

Slania is under a tree on a hill, writing random thoughts about dry land in a notebook. She sees a dark and stormy cloud in the distance. In the shadow of the cloud she can make out six figures approaching. They don’t look human. She shapeshifts to her combat form, puts up her pattern defense and starts to run.

Flynn is running from an angry mob. He broke the arm of a jealous husband. He makes his escape by stealing a horse and sees a dark cloud in the distance.

Slania is escaping and she sees that some of her pursuers have shapeshifted in to gargoyles and are flying after her. She finds a windmill, bars the door and starts climbing while fighting them off.

Flynn finds a telescope to get a closer look at his distant mysterious dark cloud. Filled with curiosity, he moves closer.

Slania finds a bow and arrow and defends herself. The Windmill starts shaking and is struck by lightning.

Flynn sees the trouble, draws his sword and brings his horse to a gallop.

Slania kills an attacker with her bow.

Flynn leaps from his horse and attacks. He begins hacking away at a Logrus shield, eventually distracting one of the attackers enough to give Slania a killing shot. Flynn ricochets a dagger off the windmill to kill another. The last one tries to fly away but Slania grabs him with her tentacles and drags him down.

Slania discovers from the remaining attacker that they are from the Ebon Lash. They wanted to capture her and experiment on her. They were told where to find her.

While Slania and Flynn introduce themselves, riders approach bearing a banner of a white stag on a green field. The leader appears to have a stag’s head. Slania and Flynn grab a prisoner and quickly move to a different shadow containing an Inn. They get a room and bring the prisoner inside.

The stag headed man knocks on their door and inquires about the prisoners. He is Captain Silas of the White Hart Mercenaries. They have been tracking the attackers. The Ebon Lash is trying to find “a cure for Amber”. Flynn starts to contact Julian.

Act 2, Scene 6: Shadow Garrison

Primus and Alyssa are ready to go. They take a small number of men from the garrison and start walking in shadow to find the demons that attacked the caravan. The company encounters a group of green skinned demons playing dice beneath a bridge. Primus approaches and they begin to flee. Primus grabs one using the Logrus and Alyssa looks into his mind. She discovers that he was part of the attack and was ordered around by a demon he knows as the agent. The agent has a fine suit and tiny horns. Alyssa orders the troll brutally executed after they learn all he knows.

They start tracking the remaining trolls and the trail leads to a farmhouse. They confront the farmer inside. It appears that they’ve lost the trail.

While Alyssa administers first aid to a soldier shot by the farmer, Primus sees a suspicious trio of goats who are actually a shapeshifted troll. They catch him and question him. They learn about the Black Coin casino and head that way.

Act 2, Scene 7: Castle Amber

The Amber Security Council is meeting. Florimel explains that Steiner has invaded Namar and has recaptured the city of Bridgehead. She explains the history of the two nations. Steiner has a larger army than they’ve been reporting, and Amber’s spies and informants have failed them. Fiona tells Liam to determine the intentions of the King of Steiner. Cillian and Fenric are to go to Bridgehead. Liam will meet up with them later. The cousins are given golden rings to allow them to communicate.

During the meeting, Flynn contacts Julian to tell him about the threat of the Ebon Lash. Julian pulls Flynn, Slania, Silas and the prisoner through to Amber. Liam recognizes the emblem of the Ebon Lash from his period of torture. Liam forces his way into Silas’s mind. Flynn protests that Silas is a guest under his protection. Liam puts a suggestion to answer all questions fully and honestly into Silas’s mind and leaves questions him.

Silas gives a history of the White Hart Mercenaries and the Ebon Lash. Florimel tells Liam and Flynn to take Silas to an inn in the town. They exit with Silas and the prisoner.

Fenric prepares the Flying Dutchman while Cillian talks to Julietta to get an impression of the Prince of Steiner.

Act 2, Scene 8: Black Coin Casino

Alyssa gives Bolo the troll a warm sense of false security before ordering him brutally beheaded. Alyssa and Primus head to the Black Coin Casino.

They bribe their way past the guards and look for the agent. Primus uses the Logrus to get some bingo money while Alyssa borrows some exciting clothes. They make contact with the Agent. Alyssa tries to contract him to kill her uncle, but he balks and says that they need to talk to his boss.

The agent brings them to an elevator. Primus uses the Logrus to grab the agent and pull him through shadow. Alyssa fights him and remains in the elevator. She is angry and the guards bring her to the boss.

Act 2, Scene 9: Near the Black Coin

After passing through a Logrus ward on the casino, Primus is on fire. The agent is less on fire. The agent hits Primus and it actually hurts. Primus turns into his demon form and demands the seal from the agent. The agent reveals that he is actually Caine, a royally pissed off prince of Amber. They decide to try to make it back in the building by pretending that the Agent captured Primus.

Act 2, Scene 10: Lair of the Sea Witch

Alyssa is brought into a dark room with a hot tub. The Umberly, a woman with tentacles where her legs should be, identifies Alyssa as a princess of Amber, asking what she wants. Alyssa bargains with her. The Umberly wants Alyssa to use her connections to smuggle things. Alyssa agrees and begins reviewing the papers of incorporation.

After a series of public struggles, in which Primus succeeds in breaking Caine’s nose and spitting on his face, they arrive at the Umberly’s lair.

When Primus moves close enough to Alyssa, she touches him and makes mental contact. It is decided that, with Caine’s backup, they can overpower the witch, but they decide against it. As they start to leave, Alyssa is secretly passed the remaining seal. The guard at the door tells her to never return. Mission Complete.

Act One - Death of a Titus

Act 1, Scene 1: Castle Amber

Liam is wandering around Castle Amber when he is approached by a nobleman, Bosric. Bosric confronts Liam about his daughter Lydia. Before he last left for Chaos, Liam had a romantic encounter with Lydia, who became pregnant. When Liam didn’t return any of her letters, she killed herself. Liam tries to explain that he was incommunicado because he was captured and was undergoing torture, but Bosric refuses to listen. Liam touches Bosric’s mind and gives him a momentary flash of the feeling of his months of torture and Bosric swears revenge falls to the floor sobbing and leaves.

Act 1, Scene 2: Castle Amber

After finishing up a long day working on a trump gate, Cillian is summoned by Fiona. She asks Cillian to gather his cousins, except for Alyssa, for a meeting with King Random. He starts making calls.
First, he tries to contact Katherine, Flynn and Slania with no success. He does get through to Liam and Fenric.

Act 1, Scene 3: Castle Amber

Liam is contacted by Julian and told to meet him in the library.

Act 1, Scene 4: The Courts of Chaos

Primus and Alyssa are given papers and told to meet with Benedict.

Act 1, Scene 5: Castle Amber

Liam arrives at the Library and finds Julian waiting for him, annoyed. Julian says that the king will ask Liam and his cousins to babysit a visiting noble from an important Golden Circle shadow which alchemically develops a miraculous animals and fruit. He warns Liam that Fiona may try something treacherous and he needs to be on guard, and that his cousins can’t be trusted. Julian wants to make his own arrangements with the alchemists and will lose status, power and resources if she interferes.

Act 1, Scene 5: Castle Amber

Fenric and Cillian are preparing for their audience with the king in their rooms when they hear shouting from the hallway. It is Trigan, the Steiner Ambassador, furious at being in the castle at the same time as the delegation from Namar.

Act 1, Scene 6: The Courts of Chaos

Benedict welcomes Alyssa and Primus into his tiny office. He has a mission for them. Important shipments are being attacked on their way through shadow and he wants Alyssa and Primus to investigate. They are to meet with Guliard, who is a cousin of Random and the general commanding a small garrison roughly halfway between Amber and Chaos. Two auditors sent to investigate have gone missing, along with their auditory seals, which provide invisibility to attacks and detection. Benedict gives them a letter of introduction and Primus carries Alyssa and himself to the garrison using the Logrus.

Act 1, Scene 7: Castle Amber

Cillian, Fenric and Liam arrive for their meeting with the king. King Random, Julian, Fiona and Gerard are there. Florimel is absent. Random announces that there is a delegation from Namar coming. Namar is a rich Golden Circle shadow whose people are skilled in alchemy. They have a longstanding and bitter feud with the people of Steiner. Random can’t afford to devote troops to keep the peace, and requests that Cillian, Fenric and Liam accompany the delegation The group heads to the throne room and meets with Titus the Doge of Namar and his group. Among them is the Doge’s daughter, Julietta. All the excitement overwhelms her, and she nearly faints, only to be given heart medicine by her handmaiden Fatima.
Gerard asks Fenric to meet him before leaving with the Doge and Fiona asks to the same of Cillian.

Act 1, Scene 8: Shadow Garrison

Primus and Alyssa arrive near the base. They are greeted by Sergeant Schulman. Alyssa detects that he’s feeling anxious and manipulative. They refuse to give the papers from Benedict to anyone other than General Guliard. Schulman makes them wait. They are met by Agitant Kestler, who finally brings them to the General. They give the envelope from Benedict to the General, who reluctantly agrees to work with them but not give them significant authority.

Alyssa becomes situated and starts looking through personnel files and setting up interviews while Primus checks out the defenses.
Alyssa finds some inconsistency with the official reports. Men who were reported as killed in the attacks on caravans are listed as being on duty later in the reports. Primus decides to exhume the bodies and starts a fight with Sergeant Schulman. Primus starts to probe Schulman’s mind using the Logrus and discovers that Schulman believes that the General is responsible for the deaths.
Meanwhile, Alyssa learns the same information interviewing Kestler. He indicates that the General is behind the entire conspiracy and is dangerous.
Primus takes the Schulman far from the base and buries him up to his neck. He meets up with Alyssa and the guards don’t them to leave the base, but they aren’t able to provide a significant resistance. By the time they return to Schulman, they discover that he has died.

Act 1, Scene 9: Amber City

Cillian, Fenric and Liam take a carriage from the castle to the city with the Doge, his daughter Julietta and her ladies. The Doge wants to see the city and Julietta wants to go shopping. The Doge, Liam and Fenric wander off while Cillian stays with the ladies. Julietta tells Cillian about a proposed marriage to Tarvec of Steiner.
The Doge takes them to the Spitted Pig, a tourist dive bar. Some of Bosric’s men try to pick a fight with Liam. Liam calms one of them, but a second one - Gregor - insults the House of Amber, at which point Liam walks up to him and plunges a knife into the thug’s belly.

Meanwhile, in a fine fabric store, a guard standing near Cillian is struck by a crossbow bolt. Cillian uses a trump to fills the building with smoke and returns the ladies to the castle.

Liam tries to defuse the situation by mentally calming the combatants while and Fenric and the Doge enjoy the bar fight. Suddenly, men in grey cloaks armed with crossbows rush in. The Doge is hit with a dart and falls. Liam mentally connects with all of the men in grey cloaks, but they all unexpectedly die when the heart of the leader stops.

Cillian contacts Fenric and they rush the Doge to the infirmary by trump, but the Doge is dead by the time they get there.

Fiona and Julian rush in to the bar from separate entrances just after the last of the bodies hit the floor. The men in grey cloaks are investigated and it is discovered that they have a suspicious burn on their upper arm, where the soldiers of Steiner have a tattoo.

Cillian got a look at one of the men who attacked him in the fabric store and is able to make a trump sketch. Liam and Cillian use the trump to make contact with the man, and the man’s heart explodes.

Fenric guards with the women in the castle.

Act 1, Scene 10 – Shadow Garrison

Alyssa and Primus return to the base to confront Guliard. He is hostile and a fight breaks out. Primus kicks Guliard and he draws a sword. Alyssa uses a power word and trips Guliard up, causing him to lose his sword. Primus crushes Guliard’s legs with his desk and holds off his soldiers using the Logrus while Alyssa gets the story from him.
Guliard had been embezzling but got in over his head. He’d murdered some of his mean and then killed the auditors to cover up the previous murders, then paid some local demons to attack and back dated the records to make it look like the attacks had been going on for months.
Alyssa and Primus discover one of the auditorial seals and Random’s trump among Guliard’s things and contact Random. Random comes through to rebuke his cousin and regain control of the garrison. He recognizes Primus because of his dealings with Primus’s father, Count Oser. He names Primus as his temporary bodyguard while he furiously disciplines the troops.

Dramatis Personae

Primus – Lord of Chaos
Liam – Shattered Soldier
Fenric – Mighty Sailor
Cillian – Trump Artist
Alyssa – Tiny Mentalist
Flynn – Transient Dilettante
Slania – Lawful Good Wicked Evil Tentacle Monster
Bosric – Grieving Father
Lydia – Deceased and dishonored daughter
Fiona – Princess of Amber
Random – King of Amber
Julian – Prince of Amber
Trigan – Ambassador of Steiner
Guliard – Major General
Gerard – Prince of Amber
Florimel – Princess of Amber
Titus – Doge of Namaar
Julietta – Daughter of the Doge
Fatima – Handmaiden
Schulman – Sergeant of the Guard
Agitant Kestler – Assistant to Guliard
Tarvec – Steiner Prince
Gregor – Thug
General Hayseed – Nee Private Hayseed
Vialle – Queen of Amber
Silas – Captain of the White Stag Mercenaries
The Agent – Secretly Caine, Prince of Amber
The Umberly – Lawful Evil Tentacle Monster
Lord Oser – Father of Primus and Count of Chaos
Viscount Thane – Nobleman in the court of Steiner
Daedo – King of Steiner
Gilgamesh – Prince of Steiner
Lord Baal – Advisor to King Daedo
Hemler – General in charge of the Steiner Expeditionary Force
Llewella – Princess of Amber
Esha – Ambassador to Steiner
Dante, Randall and Silent Bob Herring – Clerks
Admiral Abreezi General Lazaari, and Treasurer Tidian – Nobles of Namaar


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