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Amber: The Time of Red Knives

Welcome to the wiki

This is where we will post many a thing about the game – characters, events, plot points, phat loot, etc. It’s a wiki, so feel free to edit or add anything (especially spelling/grammar), although I do ask that you give me (Neil, the wiki monkey person) a heads up before you remove anything big, as there is no archive here. Furthermore, I would ask that you pay nominal attention to established syntax/formatting, which is a fantastic seque to


Obsidian Portal wants us to use their “textile” system, but I use HTML because I need those closing tags like a security blanket. This page is a good example of how that plays out – edit it to get a good look.
For character pages, I like to have information organized in one place, not spread about the article. See Oberon’s page for a good example.
For places, I use the syntax that Mike used when he wrote up Namaar and Steiner.
Please try to use the appropriate tags for your articles. Common tags are amberite, shadows, events, materials, and golden circle.

Handy Pages

The Adventure Log: This is the adventure log. I’m going to leave this one to Dan.
Quotes: This is the quotes page. Throw up your favorites.
The Comment Section: Use this! This is the comment page for the whole wiki. Use this whenever something comes to mind. Suggestions and questions are always absolutely welcome.

Main Page

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