Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Seven - Après moi, le déluge

Act 7, Scene 1: The Ruins of a Fancy Restaurant

Liam examines Alyssa and dispels the iron bands and sleeping spell. He brings her up to speed and she realizes that she’s missing the Auditory Seal. She’s also a little concerned for Slania. Liam needs rest. Alyssa trumps Slania. When she tries to pull Slania through, something goes wrong and they end up switching places.

Alyssa receives a trump call from the Umberly, who says that she warned her and that Martin has been following her. She says that Martin and Dara have uncovered a lost relic. The Umberly also says that their enemy’s plans in Namaar seem to be coming to fruition.

Act 7, Scene 2: Trump talk

Liam trumps Fenric, and they catch up. Fenric plans to get a ceasefire going as quick as he can, and Liam will get back in contact with him in the morning.

Act 7, Scene 3: A Quick Stop at Dante’s Inferno

Slania and Alyssa decide to visit Dante’s Apartment. They meet a small child who tells them that Dante hasn’t been there in a few days, but that there were plumbers there recently. He also thinks that Dante is a drug user. When Alyssa opens the door, she takes a backdraft to the face. Slania manages to miss the blast. The apartment is on fire. The kid says that Dante is probably at the spice house down the street.

Act 7, Scene 4: Spice Haus

Alyssa and Slania approach the drug den. They find Dante, spiced out of his gourd. Dante tells them that he and his cousin Denny have a scam where Dante changes the stationary routing book to sell the same stationary to Amber multiple times and pocket the profits. Alyssa makes mental suggestions to make him believe that they never spoken.

Act 7, Scene 5: The Baal Pit

Slania and Alyssa decide to confront Lord Baal and break into his private room, finding it empty. They find diagrams for alchemical machines, including the Scepter carried by the King of Steiner. It looks like nobody’s been there for days. They also find a wooden bowl with traces of blood inside.

Act 7, Scene 6: Steiner Port

Alyssa and Slania decide to track Baal, and the trail leads to the bay. They see the Steiner fleet leaving and manage to get a boat from the prince of Steiner. As they prepare to disembark, Alyssa encounters a messenger from Esha who tells her that there’s a warrant out for Alyssa’s arrest, and that the Amber security forces are coming for her. She’s charged with embezzlement and murder.

Act 7, Scene 7: Namaar City

Fenric is put in charge of the Namaari Military and is decides to try to create a ceasefire personally. Cillian decides to research where Martin found his trump artist. Primus feels the energy of primal chaos coming from below the Doge’s palace. He goes to investigate.

Act 7, Scene 8: Doge’s Palace

Primus travels to the Doge’s palace. He’s told by the guards that they’re opening the heart of Namaar to swear in the new Doge. Primus infiltrates the palace and makes his way to the caverns beneath. The heart of Namaar is a giant purple pearl of Chaos energy. Primus waits while everyone leaves, and the handmaiden Fatima stays behind, setting up some equipment in a ring around the pearl. As Primus summons the Logrus, the pearl begins to pulse and the handmaiden conjures a sword.

Primus shifts into his demon form while Fatima licks her sword. As Primus lashes out with the Logrus, Fatima shapeshifts into a monster and charges. The eventually get to talking and try to make a deal. They can’t come to an agreement and Fatima beats up Primus, who reverts to his primal form.

Act 7, Scene 9: Namaar Harbor

Fenric is preparing the Dutchman when an earthquake rocks the city. Remembering Primus’ sensation of primal chaos coming from below the Doge’s palace, he heads there, and starts trying to brute force his way through to the heart of Namaar.

Act 7, Scene 10: Namaar Harbor

Slania arrives in Namaar, who trumps Flynn. In direct psychic contact with Flynn, Slania detects a cloud on Flynn’s mind. She removes it and he immediately blurts out that Flora’s son is behind it all. He pulls her through to Namaar and they make their way to the Dutchman. Flynn says that Flora’s son is named Baldur and is highly placed in the diplomatic corps.

Act 7, Scene 11: Namaar’s Holy of Holies

Fenric is trying to break into the heart of Namaar when he is confronted by the new Doge. They argue and he orders him arrested. He makes eye contact with her and tries to initiate psychic combat and Fenric is decisively repelled. He is led away.

Act 7, Scene 12: Canals of Namaar

Slania and Flynn are making their way to the palace when a giant monster emerges from the sea floor. Slania decides to head down the hole made by the monster’s passage. When they reach the bottom, they are in the heart of Namaar. Flynn yells shang and charges. They’re fighting with a fair haired naked man. As Slania grapples him, he teleports away. They find themselves below decks in a ship. Slania easily overcomes the wounded man.

Act 7, Scene 13: Namaar Palace

As Fenric is being taken away, the floor cracks and a wall of the palace falls away. He suggests that the men run for cover. He sees a tidal wave approaching and starts climbing for higher ground. Slania trumps him and gives him an update. Fenric asks Slania to pull him through.

Act 7, Scene 14: Liam’s Funky Shadow

Liam is still resting up when Flynn trumps him. Liam pulls him through and does some psychic investigation.

Act 7, Scene 15: Merchant Marine Ship

Fenric determines that they’re in a boat about 10 miles from the Namaar coast. Fenric is still unable to reach Primus by trump. Slania trumps Liam and gives him an update. Liam offers to take the prisoner while Slania and Fenric remain on the ship. They shift shadow to bring the ship back to Namaar.

Act 7, Scene 16: Namaar

Namaar has sunken beneath the waves. Fenric meets up with the Dutchman and seizes control of the merchant ship, and the approaching Steiner fleet for humanitarian purposes. Fenric leads the fleet to a Namaar like shadow which is built up but underpopulated. Along the way, the pearl breaks open and a huge demon escapes, destroying the merchant ship and flying away.

Act 7, Scene 17: Desert Island

Primus wakes up on a desert island. He asks his raven about what happened. The raven says it was the end of the world. Primus calls that a win.

Primus feels sick when he tries to shapeshift, is unable to connect with trumps and can’t call up the Logrus. He recognizes the island as the one where was trapped with Alyssa.



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