Amber: The time of Red Knives

Act Six - Just As Planned

Act 6, Scene 1: Fancy Steiner Restaurant

Liam and Alyssa arrive at a fancy restaurant and are hassled by the maître d. When he learns that they are representatives of Amber, he makes room in the restaurant for them. They review their findings about Lord Baal. Liam notices that he’s feeling very tired, and sore in his shoulders, right near where the arrows hit him. It’s been a long day.

They ask the manager about Lord Baal. Liam hears a rumbling, and finds that the guards they left outside have all lost consciousness. Large bands of steel suddenly materialize around Alyssa, including a gag around her mouth. A band of 80s style punks enter the restaurant, led by Martin, Dauphin of Amber.

Martin kicks the table at Liam, who tries to leap atop the table, with moderate success. Liam tries to psychically make the patrons angry at Martin. Martin tackles Liam, who manages to evade. Martin indicates that there’s a new power in shadow, and that he’s aligning himself with it against his father.

Act 6, Scene 2: Outside the Restaurant

Slania sees a restaurant with magical, flying motorcycles parked outside and sounds of commotion within. Slania makes her way to the back of the building.

Act 6, Scene 3: Fancy Steiner Restaurant

Liam tries to trump Fenric, but the trump is forced from his hand by a magic spell. Liam has his knife out, but Martin is able to disarm him with his next tackle. Martin tells Liam that he can get Liam a place in the new order if he abandons Amber’s privy council. He has a week to think about it.

Act 6, Scene 4: Outside the Restaurant

Slania quietly overcomes a guard at the back of the building and sneaks in. She stings three of the punks, but one of them dives away. Slania clings to the ceiling while emitting an ink cloud. Liam tries to throw a dagger at the diving female punk, but Martin steps between them, taking the knife to the ribs. They are all suddenly covered by a thick sticky tar. After more struggle, Martin and crew teleport away, but Slania is brought with them. Liam thinks that he recognized the female punk as Dara.

Act 6, Scene 5: Shadow Thunderdome

Slania finds herself in a desolate wasteland surrounded by punks, but they soon trump to the Cabra Lighthouse. Martin and Slania exchange pleasantries and Martin gives her a trump sketch of Steiner Port. She decides to walk home.

Act 6, Scene 6: Namaar

Cillian and Fenric are brought to the Mercante Grande with the rulers of Namaar. Cillian trumps Primus, who is looking as innocent as he can. Primus promises to join them when he’s free. The admiral is passed a note and excuses himself. Cillian takes the opportunity to trump back to his personal shadow, where there’s a problem with the Namaari physics that are being emulated. There is far too much power there. It’s all very confusing and Cillian gives orders to deal with it.

Act 6, Scene 7: Namaar

Fenric checks in with his crew while waiting. The water supply has been tainted by an industrial chemical, and there was a break in at a chemical plant overnight. He orders the men to use the treasure to buy fresh water from the rich for the benefit of the poor. He then updated by Julietta on the situation. The Admiral’s son was poisoned by these chemicals. Fenric is now viewed as an authority and coordinates the humanitarian efforts.

Primus joins Cillian in his personal shadow, and they start hatching a plan.

While he waits, Fenric sees members of the White Hart Mercenaries. Cillian and Primus join Fenric in the waiting room. Primus surveils the meeting with the mercenaries. Fenric is contacted by Fiona, who suggests that he back a local candidate rather than take direct control. Cillian and Fenric decide to back Julietta’s elderly uncle, Treasurer Titian.

Act 6, Scene 8: Namaari Council Chamber

Cillian appears before the council to make his case, as does Fenric. The only other candidate is a child named Daedalus, and Titian win handily. There are backroom deals. Titian then abdicates to Julietta.

Act 6, Scene 9: Secret Submarine Base

Slania contacts the man in charge of building Rebma’s secret submarine fleet and tells him to move the location of the factory to a place of her choosing and send the bill to Rebma.



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